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    "Firearms: Source 2.0 is a high adrenaline immersive arcade shooter based in a modern warfare time period and around two fictional factions duking it out across a plethora of battle-torn environments. With a large variety of unique and iconic weapons, the player can load out with the arsenal of their own desire with very few restrictions. Furthermore, they can define a specific role to play in through our skill system allowing players to gain new abilities to become combat medics to a heavily equipped grunt leading the charge. The high paced action and arcade gameplay lends itself to both casual and competitive players. Our focus on unique objective and team-oriented gameplay, with the stunning and immersive visuals of our weapons and environments, make Firearms: Source a leader in the modern warfare shooter market."

    Beta testing is open as of February 6, 2012 by application. Forum registration is necessary
  • Gun Game mode to be added

    That's right, the ever-popular Gun Game deathmatch mode is coming to FAS 2.0. Stop and think about that for a moment - you won't just be playing with the piddling 24-weapon arsenal of a game like Counter-Strike, but a full showcase of every weapon in Firearms. That's over 40 unique implements of murder with more coming every update! In classic Gun Game style you'll dig through our mountain of guns a kill at a time, from sidearms to sniper rifles, finishing the round with nothing but an M67 grenade and your trusty DV-2 combat knife. Rise up the ranks by scoring a kill with each weapon in order, and if opportunity knocks and you trust in your blade, take a stab at a knife kill to steal a level from your victim and knock them down a peg. But be careful if you do, however - one misjudged slash and they might do the same to you."
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