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    Shack news has a d/l about 2 hours for 3.5 GB
    There is apparently a torrent out there too

    The Black Mesa portal for D/l is being hammered
  • Monteh found a torrent

  • Anyone else having trouble installing? I d/l from 3 different sources and getting different errors trying to unzip or install from all of them.

  • Are you trying to unzip the BlackMesa.7z file or are you using the BlackMesa-Setup.exe file?

    <em>Edited by fubar on Sep 17, 2012 - 08:22 AM.</em>

  • both actually, One mirror had the .7z zipped with the two other files but could not unzip it (kept getting corruption error) Trying to run the setup.exe from another mirror got some error about missing files and the game won't launch.

  • I downloaded the torrent from their website and it came with 3 files.


    You shouldn't try to unzip the .7z file because that will just cause you trouble. You should only need to use the .exe file and everything should install in the right place. And when you get the game in your Steam library, then make sure you have Source SDK Base 2007 installed otherwise when you try to launch the game nothing will happen.

  • I downloaded the files from 4 different sources, both zip and individual uncompressed. I have tried every way, running the .exe as admin and compatibility mode etc.. every time I get the message "Sub item errors 29397 failed to extract files. 7-zip returned error code 2" guess I'll have to wait till steam release.

  • What Fubar said worked for me.
    I'm really bummed...have been playing Black Mesa all week, love it love the last 1/3 of the game and am suddenly experiencing freezes with sound's happening in all Source games. Weird because I've changed nothing. I'm thinking it's hardware because I have a dual boot machine. Same problem in W7 and XP
    Could it be a bad memory stick? I ran a memtest and found no problems.
    Help The Freeman!
  • Is it crashing or just more of a stutter and then you can play on for a little bit? I had an issue like that a long time ago and I think it had something to do with the setting my audio quality was at.

  • No its actually freezes for around a minute with a sound loop. Will play for around the same time between freezes. It's almost as if a cache fills up and then has to empty before play will resume...I was wrong about all source's just Black Mesa.
  • Not sure if you've seen it but there seems to be a thread on the steam forums about the same kind of problem you're experiencing. The guy who created the thread also only gets the freezing/stuttering in Black Mesa.

  • I saw that too. Thing is, this started about 6 hours or so into the game. It doesn't stutter at all, just freezes with sound loop. After a few times it freezes for good and I have to Ctl Alt Del......
    Have also tried dx level 9 etc etc with no success. weird. Thanks for looking for me though.
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