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dod_rouen (final release!)  Bottom

  • The final version of Rouen is now officially released!

    All files you will need are in the packed bsp at the link below
    (cut and paste into your browser)

    You can place the unzipped file either in "download/maps" or "custom/yourcustomfoldername/maps" directories

    If putting in download folder, note that it's "download" and not "download[b]s[/b]"
    If you get it off a server, it should save into this folder automatically.

    Note, if you have problems hearing any custom sounds, delete the sound cache files found in your "dod/download" and "dod" folders to correct.

    My thanks to all the custom content artisans and friends who have helped me with this map over its [B]SIX YEARS[/B] of development -- that DEFINITELY includes SUNLITS and ROSIETHERIVETER!
    (regret I was too slow to get this into SLDL!)

    See MORE credits and memories in the secret room!
    (hint, things forbidden are usually where the secrets are)

    "We'll meet again..."

    <em>Edited by Dradz on Jul 10, 2013 - 08:11 PM.</em>
  • Congratulations Dradz. I may have to re-install DODS just to give this a try.

  • Congrats Dradz and love the avatar ;)

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