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  • The guy that wrote the chat box module that we used on the old site has told me he's going to see if he can get it running on Zikula. He said it may be a few weeks before he gets to it, but that he'd try.

    Pretty damn nice of the guy, considering we're the only one asking for it, and he doesn't even know us. I hope he can get it to work.

    I'll post here if we have any further developments on it.

  • Shout Box FTW!

  • I am still working on the chat box. The developer of the module has been working on it, and I am attempting to get it working now.

    Watch this space :)

  • a chat box seems like a little thing until its gone :(
    Kudos to you and the progenitor for attempting to get it running again

    as an aside, I'm glad that I am not singularly FORBIDDEN! LOL

  • Chat box is working now. I will still be playing with it a bit to pretty it up.

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