Graphic Card and CPU Comparisons

Tom's Hardware has a very nice comparison table of graphic cards and CPUs.
Handy for determining if a game will run on your rig or if a new purchase is a "deal".

Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart,2912-7.html

Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart,2951-5.html
cool....but already built new rig...egads!! will see if I guessed right.

aka [A5th]Krust
OK, Krust, inquiring minds want to know....

What did you build for yourself?

Glad to see the processor I bought last year is still towards the top (i7 960).

Also, fwiw I would like to know what Krust built!

P.S. Hi!
Unfortunately I forget the details but:

asus mobo
32 GB G.Skill RAM, forget the speed
M4 128GB ssd for OS
4 TB on other WD harddrives (from old rig)
bluray player
HAF coolermaster case
Corsair H80 liquid cooling
Corsair HX750W
GTX 580 vid card

other components from old rig
G15 logitech keyboard
MX500 logitech mouse with overclocked USB
samsung synchmaster 2253bw monitor (never actually used on old rig because resolution was too high for most gaming on that system)

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aka [A5th]Krust