Torchlight 2

Its been called a Diablo clone but the Torchlight series has its own character.
Torchlight 2 will have a multiplayer mode. :) The devs are polishing up the game and there will be a small Beta test of short duration in the very near future.The devs have guaranteed a $19.99 price point and a TorchED to be avaialbe on the game release.
A 'clone' it may be (considering the team is from the old Diablo dev team) but it has merit. I know a few of us will definitely be adding it to our Steam collection and the two player co-op is a very nice addition.
I like the sound of a two-player co-op mode. Could be fun.

Speaking of Diablo, has anyone noticed Diablo 3 is coming out in May?
the beta was a lot of fun
The choice of SP off-line or MP coop on-line has Diablo 3 beat
I had no lag or disconnects

E3 interview states release July - August or later, whenever it is ready :(
Thanks rosie for the opportunity to try out Torchlight 1. May try out 2 with you life permitting!

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