It' been a while I&S =)

Sooo I doubt anyone actually remembers me... I use to go under the tag [I&S]Sgt.SpaWn.... hehe It's been probably over 5+years. I use to play the original DoD with all of you. (John, Rosie, Krust, hellfish, jonny, sneaky, sux2bu, firefly, aintskerd and many more) I think I even made a video once of our squad when new maps for the original DoD came out with the British.

I was actually talking with a buddy of mine and he wanted me to download DoD source and that just instantly reminded me of all of you. I downloaded the game last night and played a bit and it reminded me of all the fun memories I had with you all.... so I figure I stop by and drop a Hello to all of you that are still active :)

I played a fair share of games in my life and I have to say the time I had with Sunlit was defiantly top notch! Always fun and friendly!

Anyways I don't know if any of you still play DoD anymore (I know its been out for a while) and I read that Sunlit League is over, but I also play DayZ which I saw some of you play too. Let me know if you guys/gals ever want to catch up and play either of the games!

Pete AKA [I&S]Sgt.SpaWn

STEAM xixispawnixix
Hey buddy, long time no see. Seems like just yesterday I was playing dod in my mom's basement while we were still at B-ville high school. I don't play too much dod anymore but this day Z sounds like fun. Thanks to a $1k repair on my vehicle I am going to have to wait till next payday to get arma 2.

Hey spawn how could we ever forget you man!! You and the old anzio....erk....!!!! Miss playing with the old crew. Hellfish and I still play pretty regularly at Moongamers. I have been real busy with work so I haven't got to play as much of late though.

aka [A5th]Krust
Been discovering how rusty I am at moongamers. Still,like the flow of dods, though would like to find something updated.

Rising storm doesn't seem to handle the lag well, and it ain't my system :-( what are people playing now?

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