I just wanted to say Hello to all of those long time sunlit's members who are still here. Looks like things have downsized quite a bit while I was away. I still remember the day I found sunlit's by accident on the original dod so many years ago. Is there still any sunlit server's left?

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Hi Zolton :)

There's no sunlit game servers left. The dedicated server was costing $179/month, and only the L4D servers had any usage to speak of, and besides myself I don't think any of our members were really using them.

Anyway, I am often nostalgic for our heyday as well. We had some good times :)

Sunlit's is always going to hold a nostalgic place in my childhood. Running around Shotgun Madness with my bender skin, not even knowing he was the alcoholic bad mouthed robot from Futurama.

Those were some great times (:
Boy, we did have some great times, Little Joe. I've never had as much fun online as I did when I first met and played with Rosie, your dad, and Laz in HL1.

I hope you're doing well, and your dad, too.

Hey Zolton good to see you bud!!

aka [A5th]Krust