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  COD4 Server Update    
Posted By Pvt_John -  
I have updated the COD4 server in a few ways.

The most significant change is that the mapcycle now alternates between Domination and Sabotage modes. In Domination mode there are 3 control points, control of said points gives you points, and the game ends at pre-determined score limit.

In Sabotage mode, each team has a home base. There is one bomb, each team tries to plant it on the others HQ. Team that succeeds wins. Unlimited respawns.

I personally find the teamplay-centric, objective-oriented kind of play much more interesting. I am guessing that most of our regulars will like these modes, too.

The other changes are more minor. I have done some things to make the server more visible in server lists. Let's hope this works. I have also removed the six private slots on the machine, so the correct max players of 32 now shows up in server browsers.

Keep in mind COD4 is still new to SunLit, and we are very open to changes to the server setup, mapcycles, etc. Let us know what you like.

Monday, December 17, 2007     Printer-friendly page  
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