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  SLDL 10 - Confirmed Teams    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
Getting close to the season's starting match on rails_b2, Sunday Nov. 12.

Upper and Lower Conference teams to date:


dN.| de novo

=82ndR= 82nd Rangers

(LGSO) Let God Sort'Em Out

v' Vice

>MOP< Ministry of Peace

[I&S] Iron and Steel

+|2AGE+ Rage Infected

pub* PubStarz


[DDS] Dixie Death Squad

-=JAG=- JustAGame

[JFG] Just Fun Games

|>LN<| The LeatherNecks

[KWI] Killers With Issues

[907th] 907th R.A.I.D.


[907th] The 907thB R.A.I.D.

There is still time to Register and play in this week's match.

If your team still needs time to organize, thats not a problem. Thats what preseason is for .


Rosie the Riveter

SLDL Admin

Tuesday, November 07, 2006     Printer-friendly page  
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