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  Source TV Set for SLDL Final Match [KWI] vs =82ndR=    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
The teams asked to face off on neutral ground and so will be playing their match on

Sunday Nov. 5 - 9pm est


Those of you who want to cheer your team on can watch in the SLDL TV Proxy server.

You will need to connect through your consoles with the following

connect;password sldl

SLDLTV is on a 3 minute delay.

When the round ends, the in game teams will experience what will feel like a server freezeup for 3 minutes. Dont panic or disconnect. This period of time is to allow the spectators in the proxy server to watch the last 3 minutes of game play. At the end of the 3 minutes the map will change as normal.

However, the spectators may freeze up when the proxy goes to the next map. No problem. Just type in console "retry" or exit and come right back in. You have 3 minutes grace.

BoBLoblaw writes:

"To change player spec, hit the < ctrl > key (no need to hold it down) then use the [ < ] or [ > ] buttons (mouse click is fine) on either side of the active player list to change views. If you use the drop-down list of players in the middle, you end up with this bizzare psycho uber-fast switching between the players that will make you want to yarf, lol."

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