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  Playtest Grubbenvorst_b2 and Abbey_b2    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  

Martin Frobishe aka MonkeyBoy has released a port of his 1.3 map dod_grubbenvorst_b2. He has managed to keep the layout and feel of the map while preserving high and stable fps. Comments?

dod_abbey_b2.jpg GreatG33b3r has updated his map to dod_abbey_b2.

A third flag , central wall and sniper windows has radically changed the game play. Comments?

SunLit will offer a public playtest of grubbenvorst_b2 and abbey_b2 tonight at 9pm est. Futurama


ilcannibal has released a port of Haircut's 1.3 map dod_eightwo1_final. The layout is the same as the original's with one of the nastiest mid flag caps on record. Fps will need to be checked on a full server. Comments?


dod_supplytrains_final was recommended to SunLits as "fun" map. It was one of the first group of custom maps released. It has the simple graphics and high fps you would expect.


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