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  Private Playtest Tonight    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  

We have a great Saturday evening lined up on Futurama. SunLit Games is hosting a private playtest of two maps.

Ca-Chicken_Soup has updated his very popular map to the release candidate dod_vigilance_rc1. Optimized fps, new spawn exits and a tweaked layout promises solid gameplay.


The second map to be tested is Nubbit's dod_fuel_b1d,

a port of the much missed map, dod_kraftstoff.

10 minutes, two objectives, the layout, its all there.

The maps will autodownload.

Server: SunLit Futurama

Password: sunlitrocks

When: Saturday, Oct 28, 8pm est

A reminder that this is a private playtest of unfinished works.

These maps are not to be distributed to other servers, as per the mappers' wishes. Neither mapper is able to be here tonight but are anxious to hear your feedback. Please post your comments on each map in the forums.



Saturday, October 28, 2006     Printer-friendly page  


Author: Pvt_John
Oct 28, 2006
Re: Private Playtest Tonight
Thanks for arranging another great map test, Rosie! Nice for us SunLit people to get a preview of these new maps before everyone else :)<br />
<br />
Two great maps, too. Can't wait to try out dod_grubbenvorst on Monday night.

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