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  New Maps and The DODS Map Gallery    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
Futurama and Annex have two new maps added.

dod_risk_b7 is a truly original concept map created by Supa. It is laid out as the board game Risk. Capture the continents and their flags and use the "armies" for cover. Read more about the game play

dod_[SAS]_inferno is a CSS port created by [SAS]Colster. As with dod_dust the frame rates are great. He has added 5 single man caps.

Both files will autodownload in bzip2 format but we highly recommend that you download [SAS]_Inferno (115MB) ahead of time from the new DODS Map Gallery Page.

Pvt.John has put together downloads for the custom maps that offer good gameplay with acceptable frame rates. Nice work John !

We are also playtesting Wickit's new dod_smallhill_b5 on the Annex. Password is obtainable from Enforcers.

New in this version:

removed dead guy, by demand

added model to airstrike

added search lights and flak to airstrike

made tank 1 firable (func_button on rear of turret 20 sec interval)

reworked the 3dskybox

fixed sound bug (hopefully)

We will be play testing Neutrino's new map dod_paysage 8pm est on the Annex. Ask an enforcer for the password .

Tuesday, December 13, 2005     Printer-friendly page  
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