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  Server Tweaking Revisited    
Posted By Pvt_John -  
In case anyone is interested, we have made some significant changes with the game server setups again.

We have set everything in the cfg files to the CAL recommended defaults, set the server maxfps cvar to 600, and the server tickrate to the optimal setting of 66 (for 18-man+ servers).

Alll servers are set the same, with the exception of Crossfire which has a max of 16 players and no snipers. All servers have been given high-CPU priority.

The changes were made last night. We play-tested and observed the server CPU usage with two of the servers completely full, and everything looked good.

We're going to leave it like this for a while and make further observations. Your input is welcome.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005     Printer-friendly page  
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