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  Playtest for dod_sora_b1 at SunLit!    
Posted By Pvt_John -  
SunLit is hosting the private playtest of another new map, dod_sora_b1.

Dod_sora is the work of map author ultranew-b. He wants to make sure this map does not get distributed publicly. But we want to make sure the greatest number of our regulars that are interested can participate in the playtest.

The point of the playtest is to get input from players. Please post any observations, opinions (good or bad), or glitches here.

So, here's our cunning plan. We have loaded the map onto SunLit Crossfire, and enabled the auto download, but passworded the server. We can't publish the password on the site, but we have given the password to the Enforcers. If you are a regular here, just ask any Enforcer for it. You can then join the server and the map will autodownload.

Do not distribute the map file once you have it. It is a priviledge for us to take part in the beta test for this great map, and we want to have an opportunity to do test maps like this in the future. If the map is distributed, the next time we do something like this we will only make the map available to a small group of people. That would suck!

I tried out the map earlier with Hogman, Sux, and Monty. The map is stunning. It's also huge -- 94MB uncomrpessed. We've compressed it for the auto-download so it's only 49MB, but it still might take a few minutes depending on your connection.

Enjoy! And make sure and put your comments in that forum thread linked above, the map author will appreciate it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005     Printer-friendly page  
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