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  Happy Turkey Day    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
Celebrate your holiday with three maps new to SunLits

dod_tiger_source_b1 is instantly recognizable as a sourceified original tiger.

The map feels a little smaller but should play well with up to 20 players.

dod_saint-lo_v2 is another very small, fast paced map.

dod_foxhunt_source is a large castle map that will let the rifles strut their stuff.

No spawn protection in any of these maps so please show some restraint in your tactics.

Maps will autodownload from the server. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 24, 2005     Printer-friendly page  


Author: Pvt_John
Nov 24, 2005
Re: Happy Turkey Day
Great work on the new maps. I really like tiger and foxhunt.

Author: RosietheRiveter
Nov 24, 2005
Re: Happy Turkey Day
Thanks<br />
Saint-lo_V2 had good frames in LAN or with 4 people<br />
After that , it just chops :(

Author: Mig
Nov 24, 2005
Re: Happy Turkey Day
chopping or not... thanks :)

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