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  DODS Weapon and Range Accuracy    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
I found an article and data posted by Waldo, one of the DODS Developers testing and summarizing range accuracy for the various weapons. Screenshots of a Shooting Range are included.

"Here's a few observations / opinions I've got from looking at the results. Basically these are the "effective" distances for several classes of guns. By effective I mean the accuracy is such that a shot at the center of the player's chest is pretty much certain to hit in theory. Lag, server issues, etc. can of course mess this up.
* Beyond about 100 feet (1200 map units), rifles aren't very effective without iron sites.
* Beyond about 20-30 feet (240-360 map units), automatics (Thompson + MP40) begin to lose their effectiveness. Same with pistols.
* The BAR (and probably MP44) are effective out to about 75 feet (900 map units). Single shot is effective closer to 100 feet (1200 units).
* MGs are effective out to 100-150 feet (1200-1800 units).
* Snipers are effective at HUGE distances. It's no problem for a sniper to hit a stationary target at even 1000 feet (12,000 map units).
* Iron Sites are effective at HUGE distances. Like the sniper, Iron Sites can consistenly hit a target at even 1000 foot ranges (if they can see the target).
* Snipers only begin to get useful beyond 500 feet (6000 map units) or so. Beyond that many units, it is difficult to actually see a target except with a sniper scope. It's doable, but it takes some effort."
* A grenade tossed while looking upwards a bit will go about 100 feet.

* If shot level or tilted up a bit, a rifle grenade will fly and then bounce about 300 feet (3600 map units) before blowing up.
So. How to use this data? Think about these ranges when you lay out space in a map. Below are a couple of brainstorms. They aren't necessarily PERFECT rules, but just guesses/assumptions based on effective weapon ranges.
* If you set up a defensive spot that covers a doorway or other narrow passage, a rifle will be able to defend it and hit anyone coming through if it is 75 feet (900 units) away. A rifle will be unable to cover a target effectively at 150 feet (1800) units or more. To give a sense of scale, the main street in Donner is about 165 feet long.
* A Thompson/MP40 that has to rush a distance of 50 feet will have a hard time firing on anyone at the other end of that rush.
* Given the main Donner street is 165 units long, only an MG, Sniper or iron site rifle can pretty much be a perfect defender, assuming the shooter sees and is able to target every enemy accurately. A thompson can't guard one end of the street unless they are willing to wait until the enemy is close.
* If you have a 100 foot wide open space with no cover, rifles at one end will be able to protect it against charging automatics. Only a sniper or MG or IS rifle can take out the opposing rifles.
* No current map really lets the snipers work at their most effective. Truely long ranges in maps (2x or 3x the Donner main street for example) would let snipers really do well.
* A grenade tossed along a flat level ground can just reach a rifle at their effective maximum range (rifles max range). If you put some obstructions or other objects 10-20 feet (120-240 units) in front of the rifle location, it will probably stop the bouncing nades and protect the rifles.
* Given the maximum range of a rifle grenade at around 300 feet (3600 map units), only a bazooka could take out a sniper beyond that range.
* If you make a large open space in a map with no cover, and that space is over say 100 feet (1200 units) across, a good rifle or MG will be able to completely shut down any autos (Thompson/MP40/BAR/MP44) trying to run across. THe only way the autos will make it is if there is cover for them, or the attackers can't hit them. Only a sniper, IS rifle, MG or bazooka/panzerschrek will be able to potentially take out the defenders at full range.

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