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  FuzzDad's Dod_Anvil-B12    
Posted By RosietheRiveter -  
FuzzDad has released his first Source project dod_anvil-B12
It is a remake of one of his earlier works and SunLit's favourites, dod_falaise
FuzzDad reminds everyone that it is only a beta but it will knock your socks off. :)
He welcomes reports of any bugs and is eagerly anticipating the release of the full sdk so that he can polish up his map.
Well done FuzzDad and thanks!
Update: Download the minimap here. Extract to the day of defeat source directory

DOD_ANVIL BETA 12 June, 1944, France
Allied soldiers are trying to capture a small French town near the Falaise Gap in an attempt to cutoff the remainder of the German forces attempting to escape the Cotentin Pennisula. German Infantry have been sent to the rear to hold off the allies so the remainder of the German Army can escape to the east. It's the beginning of what will soon be called "The Miracle in the West"

Allied and Axis Objectives:
- Capture the 5 objective
Map by Wes "FuzzDad" Shull
88mm model and 88mm icons by Ranson

Release 12 Notes
1) Hotel reopened to gameplay but entrances/exits are one-person crouch-jump or jump only.
2) Lowered hurts on fire near axis two
3) Added 88mm flag icon
4) Redesigned Allied two to allow for concealed caps
5) Cleaned up non-clipped rubble

Release 12 Known bugs
1) Cannot run buildcube maps so specular textures not in use. Causes tables and other "shiny" items to look strange. Running buildcubemaps leaves parts of the map in pitch-black darkenss.
2) Do not have a minimap created yet
3) HDR lighting components not installed

Sunday, October 23, 2005     Printer-friendly page  


Author: FivenseveN
Oct 24, 2005
Re: FuzzDad's Dod_Anvil-B12
i was in the beta test...this map blows away the original 4

Author: Pvt_John
Oct 24, 2005
Re: FuzzDad's Dod_Anvil-B12
I agree, this is the best custom yet.<br />
<br />
I think Donner's as good as Anvil, but the other standard ones are not this good.

Author: Mig
Oct 24, 2005
Re: FuzzDad's Dod_Anvil-B12
This map is awesome and would deserve to be official.

Author: Death2U
Oct 26, 2005
Re: FuzzDad's Dod_Anvil-B12
MAN you got a winner, I love the map Thanks for the best map in the game

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