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  SunLit Game Server Down    
Posted By Pvt_John -  
Our game server keeps crashing. We're working to resolve it.

UPDATE Sun 10/9/05 9:33am CST

We're not sure what the heck is going on. We've had some kind of network trouble with the server recently, yesterday it seems to have gotten very severe. Not only do the game servers disappear, but we can't log in remotely to administer the server. Rebooting several times only brought the servers up very briefly before they went down again.

The reason we haven't been able to resolve any of this or even get an answer as to what is going on is because our service provider, FrontLine Game Servers is not responding to e-mails, calls to their toll-free number get a "this number has been disconnected" recording, no response from messages left in the owner's cell phone, and likewise for messages left in their mIRC channel and in MSN.

When we've had similar problems with FrontLine in the past, we have not aired them publicly so as not to needlessly tarnish their reputation while I was still trying to work with them.

It's now been 24 hours, and still no response and the server is still down. We are now looking elsewhere for service.

SunLit has not gone off the air, we will have another server as soon as we can find a good provider at a reasonable price and get it properly outfitted. We'll post here as any news develops. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, October 08, 2005     Printer-friendly page  
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