New Mapcycle and Auto Map Downloads on Shotgun Madness [1]

Posted by Pvt_John on Jul 23, 2004 - 10:36 AM

Thanks to the efforts of Lab Rat and Thunderhand, we now have a brilliant new mapcycle on Shotgun Madness. They put together the mapcycle and made up the special "resource" files for each map that we need to enable the auto-downloading. All the maps are listed on the SM Mapcycle page [2].

This new mapcycle alternates between standard maps (i.e., maps that come with Half-Life) with custom maps from our vast HLDM map library. The custom maps and any necessary related files will automatically download from our new dedicated webserver and install themselves on the players computer.

The idea is to attract some new players with the standard maps, and keep them around when the server changes to a custom map. Hopefully the attraction of neat custom maps and the great crowd we have here will keep them coming back. This has worked very well on the Annex.

If you're a DoD fan (or even a HL Rally fan) and haven't tried out Shotgun Madness yet, now's a great opportunity. You don't have to download or install anything, just go check it out! It's fast and furious. The server IP is

Happy Fragging!

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