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  Download System back Online    
Posted By Pvt_John -  
Our download section is now back online.

Happy downloading.

Thursday, February 16, 2012     Printer-friendly page  


Author: RosietheRiveter
Feb 16, 2012
That's Fabulous Pvt.John. Thanks

Author: Pvt_John
Feb 16, 2012
It was almost completely painless, actually.

Hurricane's excellent Zikula plugin, ExDownload, worked on the first try without any hassle at all. I actually wrote to him after I re-installed it, I was so amazed. It was the only part of this whole upgrade process and server move that went perfectly.

The only painful part was the 36 hours it took to upload all the content to the new server.

Author: Cody
Mar 04, 2012
SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod not available for download
Hello everyone!

Tried to download the SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod and received the following message: "The requested URL /downloads/hldm/sunlitmod/ was not found on this server"

Also, the comment "You can see the mod's specs in table form, by clicking on the second picture link on the left. The table gives a breakdown of some of the features that are included in the mod" doesn't seem to work either.

Is this still available somewhere?


Author: Cody
Mar 05, 2012
never mind, I found a copy of the files...

Author: RosietheRiveter
Mar 10, 2012
all better :P

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