Agents of Change DLC Aug 3 2011 [1]

Posted by RosietheRiveter on Jul 29, 2011 - 11:03 AM

Its official, the Agent of Change DLC is set for Aug 3 2011

Source [2]

"We’re excited to announce the final release date for Brink: Agents of Change. The content will be available this coming Wednesday, August 3rd, on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. As long as you download Agents of Change during the first two weeks it becomes available, you’ll always be able to play it for FREE. If you don’t download in the first two weeks, it’ll cost $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft Points)… so be sure to get it early.

For a refresher on all the new maps, abilities, character outfits, and weapon attachments in Agents of Change, check out our previous post located here. [3]

And after the break, learn about Agents of Change’ achievements and trophies, plus details on the latest title update…

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